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Lifestyle Outlets is part of Peel L&P. We own, develop and operate a variety or successful retail destinations and leisure operations across the UK.


Peel L&P ‘Realising possibility’


We devote our energy to accomplishing great things; not for their own sake, or ours, but for those who come after. Today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Our ambitions are for a more prosperous, sustainable future for all; where people and places are matched with the opportunity to be the very best they can be.

We see possibility. We deliver transformation.

Our people

Jason Pullen

Managing Director
01452 338 910

Adrian Wright

Leasing Director
07801 621 795

Rachel Scott

Head of Leasing
07436 833 293

Alison Tennant

Chief Marketing Officer
07901 883 388

Helen Anderton

Operations Director
07436 562 316

Keith Hughes

Head of Property
07764 662 357

Get in touch

Find out more, please contact:

Come and visit us at:

Lifestyle Outlets Head Office, T2 Quay Plaza,
MediaCityUK, Manchester M50 3BA

Call us on:

0161 848 1838

Or write to us at: